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As some of you might already know, I am no longer with ArenaNet. 8 amazing years, one hell of a ride. It took me first from Germany to the UK and then to the mothership in Bellevue.

I had the opportunity to work with so many super talented people, and I am very grateful for that. I will miss you all (then again, I probably see you in game!)

So, what’s up next? I will take a little bit to decompress (and work on my games backlog), and then I am ready for new adventures.

I am looking for a job as a senior community manager/social media manager/ content marketing manager in the Seattle area (or a remote position, but I have to stay in Seattle). So holler if you know of anything (DM me on Twitter or ping me on FB if we are FB buddies).

Peace out!

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    Sad to see Martin go but I hope GW2 can keep up after this.
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    Good luck, Martin! And any companies hiring: he’s one hell of an awesome CM.
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